Long Time Coming …

So I have been quiet for a while (exactly a week), but truth be told … last week was one of the most stressful weeks at work that I have every had in a very long time. I didn’t quite follow Paleo but because most days I would get home around 9PM (I usually got of at 6PM) and all I wanted was a beer and a tapa (thank god for living in Spain), and then to top it off we go to Holland for two days … Did I also mention that I have to replace the battery in my weight scale?! Ugh … last week was no good. This week will be better. I promise.

I have just finished making up my meal plan, but I haven’t quite decided what the breakfast for the week will be. The meal plan (sans breakfasts) goes as follows:




Thursday: Valentines Day!! We might have plans for dinner with another couple, but if not, this is the plan:



  • Breakfast: Egg + bacon muffins
  • Lunch: Friday dinner leftovers
  • Dinner: Mexican Chicken Lime Soup (hopefully some Taco Bake will also be leftover from Monday … crossing fingers)

I might go crazy and make some type of Paleo dessert. Who knows … stay tuned!!


  • Breakfast: Egg + bacon muffins
  • Lunch: Saturday dinner leftovers
  • Dinner: Same os last Sunday (tradition maybe?!) Crock Pot Taco Back over Shredded Lettuce with homemade guacamole and Paleo Sour Cream

So that’s that for the week in terms of food.

On the plane to Holland, I finally finished reading Fall of Giants (such a long novel) by Ken Follett. I loved the book, it was just a bit long in places. All the characters were really easy to get to know and get into, but I think I will read another book before I read part two of the trilogy (The Winter of the World).  So that’s why I just started Mision Olvidado by Maria Dueñas. So far I have only read 100 pages and it’s a little slow.

That means 4 down, 16 to go. Go me. According to Goodreads. com, I am 2 books ahead of schedule.

Anyway, thats all for today. I hope to think of something to make for breakfast tomorrow … even though breakfast isn’t really a key meal for me.

Have a wonderful rest of the weekend.


Some Things Just Never Go the Way I Plan Them …

… so I was supposed to start Paleo this week … yeah OK … we will fast forward to next Monday and start from there …

On a positive note, this way I have more time to make a meal plan for next week. Yay me. Warning you guys now, I am going To Holand this week for a work meeting (leaving Wednesday afternoon and coming back Thursday),

Something that is definitely going the way I planned is that I finished reading Sarah Larks book 3 of her trilogy El Grito de la Tierra. Even though they are quite lengthly (love those types of books), I absolutely have adored her books since page 1 of book 1.

This books continues to show how Gwyneira and Helen’s journey to New Zealand (book 1) has affected their future generations (Kura/Elaine (book 2) and Gloria/Lilian (book 3)). It’s beautifully written just like the previous two books and it is extremely easy to follow. At first I was quite confused since it had been a year since I read book 2 of the trilogy, but thankfully this book comes with family tree so I could orient myself. Throughout the 700+some pages I just couldn’t stop reading. I think the worst part of reading so many thick books is that I have to carry them on the metro and sometimes at the end of a long day they get pretty heavy. If this book is ever printed in English (the first one of the trilogy has been already translated into English), I highly recommend that you go ahead and start reading it. Finishing this book means that in one month I have read 3 books out of the 20 I had planned on reading for the entire year. Go me! I am almost finished with number 4, which is one that I have been planning on reading for a long time:

It has taken me one week to read 650 pages of this book. I just can’t put it down. When I do put it down, I feel like all the characters (Maud, Ethel, Billy, Walter, Grigori, Lev, Fitz, etc.) are calling me to pick it right back up. I just love all the historical facts and reading about all the viewpoints (German, Russian, English, American, women, men, children, etc.) come together in one war. It’s amazing how Ken Follett can take us back and time and put is all the characters shoes. I absolutely recommend this book. I can’t wait to read the second one: The Winter of the World. This one is definitely going to be next.

So now that my books reviews are done, tomorrow’s plan is to possibly finish the book (300+some pages to go) and to plan out my meal plan. This also means that I have to go shopping for all the items on this list. Hopefully I can post it up tomorrow morning and link all the recipes to where I have found them.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day (or at least what is left of it).