1 Down, 19 To Go

So I am on my way to completely my reading goal for 2013. I just finished one of the 20 books. GO! ME!

Like I said on Friday evening, I was going to sit on the couch and just veg out for the weekend. One of the many things I was going, and wanted, to do was to finish up “Heartbreak Cafe” by Penelope J. Stokes.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and the author seems to be a fine writer (I would have to read another to actually tell you exactaly). The book gives you moments of deep thought and it touches you in places you never thought a book would. The characters are so developed that they actually feel human enough and they make you wish you could sit down with them over a cup of coffee at the cafe. The book allows you to laugh with, cry with, and share the characters real-life struggles. You just can’t help but like them.

The only problem with getting so involved in these characters lives, is the fact that I wanted to get to know them a little bit more. Thankfully, while looking through Amazon for the picture of the cover for this post, I came across the sequel to this book: “The Book of Peach“. I’m thinking I might just have to go out and buy download it on my Kindle. This will have to wait since last night I went ahead and started reading the third part of Sarah Lark’s trilogy: “El Grito de la Tierra“:

I have been reading these in Spanish since the only book from the trilogy that is in the English language is “In the Land of the Long White Cloud“. I do highly recommend all three books (at least the first two + what I have read of the third so far). I just love how Sarah Lark has brought up the characters in their own different ways, and how through the years (and books) you see how the family that you grew to love in the first book has evolved through the three books.

I am thinking about starting Paleo next week (Monday, 21) and not waiting until February like I had originally planned. The main reason is that I have yet to see progress in the kitchen and I am really doubtful that it will be up and running by February (ugh!). I am also fed up with eating out, which is because we have NO kitchen. Thankfully my sister in law lives on the first floor (we live on the third) and I have had to bargain with her: we buy the groceries and make the food, and we get to use her kitchen (stove, oven, plates, cups, etc.). Even thought I don´t really feel comfortable in her kitchen because it´s so small, it’s a working kitchen, so hey … a girl can´t complain, plus the hubby and her (not to mention em) could use a healthy diet.

Like I was saying, I am going to be researching on websites and finishing Dr.Cordain’s book/website (thank god for my boss being on vacation this week) and hopefully this weekend I can put my findings into one blog and start fresh next week. This will also give me time to get the living room spacious enough to work out in and to do the following with the current pots and flower beds that are just chililng in our balconies:

Fresh herbs

Can’t wait to star this new life journey.

That is all for the day. I hope everything has a wonderful beginning of the week.