Reading Lists

If you have checked out my 2013 Goals tab, you can see that I have told myself that this year I am going to try to read at least 20 books. I might be either selling myself short or setting some pretty high standards, but that´s the initial goal for right now.

I have 365 days to get through roughly 14,000 pages (700 pages / book). This is a rough estimate, but seeing as my books tend to be on the hefty side (thank God for having a Kindle) I am pretty sure this is close.

So here is the list of books I want to get through (whether it be this year or the next). I’ll be crossing them off as I finish! (FYI: The books are listed in alphatabeticl order of the author’s last name.)

Go ahead and leave me some other ideas of books that you have read (and liked) and I will go ahead and add them to the list. This IS a work in progress.



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