About Me

About Me

Hey there!!! My name is Beatriz and I currently live in Madrid (this is so AA), Spain with my boyfriend husband (YAY!! for weddings!) and my adorable cat, Zidane (for those who know soccer, yes the hubby named the cat after the great French soccer player … not a big fan of Real Madrid or of the guy, but what the hell, the name doesn’t define the cat, he is adorable. Plus I call him my precious … yes I am a Lord of the Rings junkie).

One little happy family!

One little happy family!

That’s us!!

The first thing you must know about me is that I am a mix of cultures. I say this because it will pop up just about everywhere in this blog, and it will most likely be reflected in my cooking. It’s just who I am. I lived in a small town in Galicia, Spain (Mugardos … totally recommend visiting) until I was two and then my dad decided to take a job in Norfolk, Virginia which was only supposed to be for 2 years …. yeah OK LIES!!, 23 years later (after HS, college, and masters) I moved back to Spain, and moved in with my then-boyfriend now-husband (yes, we did long distance, and yes, it worked for us). Two years later we were married. Yay us!!

The happiest day of our lives!!

The happiest day of our lives!!

As you can see, I am quite a lucky girl! I am also one of the fortunate few in this country that was able to get a job and stick with it: you are now reading the blog of the Nike Accesories Brand Manager for Spain and Portugal. Go me!

About This Blog

I started blogging back in 2002 because I needed a place to write and getaway from reality, and since I hate hand-writing, I decided to go virtual. I will most likely write about anything and everything and hopefully you will get to know me through my cooking, reading, and daily life, as I hope to get know you and all the wonderful people that form part of this wonderful blogger community. I can honestly say that when I look back on this, my archives will most likely embarrass me, but it doesn´t matter. Just as long as you read my thoughts, learn, live, and laugh with me (and most of the time AT me)… that´s all I care about. Please let me know if you read me by commenting or liking my posts. I am a firm believer that in life we don’t ask for what we want enough, and I would love it if you come with me on this journey so that we can learn from each other. If that’s not for you Facebook and Pinterest too. You can also drop me an email at brbouzabloggingcentral@gmail.com.

You are more than welcome to stick around for a bit — I promise I am entertaining, …


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