2013 Goals

When I was young(er), I remember being told by one of my teachers that in order to know where you’re going you have to know where you’ve been. So, since I don’t really like to make “beginning of the year to-do lists” because they just don’t happen for me, or for anyone really, I thought I would take a minute and reflect my on 2012 and see what I can do to make 2013 a better year for me. So, here goes nothing:


Got married on August 11, 2012! Took us 4 years of dating (2 years long distance, and by that I mean me in Virginia and José in Madrid, Spain), but it finally happened and we couldn´t be more excited!!

Broadened my resume by taking another online course (logisitics and supply chain management postgraduate degree), apart from the accounting postgraduate degree that I was already taking. Would love to take even more classes, but it all depends on the money (see 2013 goal #4).

After two years of NOT seeing her in person, my best friend from college, Mallorie Jones, came to visit us. Of course, it was no ordinary visit. She was coming for our wedding, but she overcame her fear of flying long distance (YAY HIPPO!!) and got to come two weeks before the date and we got to take her to cool and interesting places (Toledo, Segovia, Santiago, Coruña, etc.) that she had never been to. It was like we had never left each other sides.

Took some fun trips. Apart from the sight-seeing trips with Mal, our honeymoon was one that we would DEFINITELY not mind doing over. We aren´t really beach/cruise people, so I planned out a 15 day car trip starting in London, England and ending in Glasgow, Scotland, with stops in Oxford, Liverpool, York, and Edimburgh, and two planned day trips to Windsor-Bath-and-Stonehenge and all through the High Lands. We can officially say, Great Britain, we will return!!

We have decided to move out of our current place (2 bedrooms, 1 bath, 790€/month) on the outskirts of Madrid (across the street from where I work) to a place (3 bedrooms, 1 bath, 500€) right in the heart of the poshest (i feel like Mrs.Beckham) neighborhood in the center of Madrid. The new place needs work (complete kitchen renovation), but it’s all good (see 2013 goal #4).


Our lack of saving. We started out okay, and then we decided to tie the knot. Yeeeeaaaahhhhh ………. our bank account went from being “YAY MONEY!” to “BOO … BROKE!” faster than we could say “I do!”. Damn wedding expenses.

Reading has taken such a back seat to doing other things, but hopefully with the 40 minute metro-commute to work and a bit less TV, I can get back in the groove of things. See the Book Club tab for more information of future reads.

I’ve almost completely stopped working out which could lead to the ugly part of 2012.


Kept on the 20lbs gained in 2011. Ugly feeling!!

… IN WITH THE NEW (2013)

I We (as it is mostly MY decision) have decided to start following a Paleo diet. I add the (ish) to that because I am completely new to this diet thing and I don´t know how this is going to end. What I hope to gain from this experience is the warm&happy feeling of being me again (exs: happy tummy, more energy, less hungry, etc.). Starting February 1st (hopefully the kitchen will be done by then) José and I will be embarking on this eating journey together (he doesn´t know it yet)! Wish us luck and feel free to go check out the recipes that we will be making!

My goal is to lose 30 pounds (at least). I guess this ties into the point above, but it´s been two years of living without parental supervision (not that I really need any) and I think KNOW it´s time. Not only will we be changing our diet habits, but we will also be working out (Zumba, walking, etc.) on a more consistent basis. Hopefully this will help us with another point of 2013 that we are looking forward to:

Baby time! So this is truly exciting, and a point that we are really looking forward to.  I have struggled with PCOS (or at least what I thought was … my new doctor wants more tests to rule this out now, I will keep updating on the subject) for a long time, and my doctors (the previous ones) have suggested that I get healthier (lose some weight, exercise, eat better, etc.) and  hopefully this will allow me to get my hormones in check and plan for the new addition to our little family.

Of course, while I get healthy, we are definitely going to be saving money. This is a main reason that we moved out of the old place. We are going to be able to save at least 400€ to 500€ a month. Which in the long run, adds up to a least 5,000€ a year. That’s a load of money.

Jose and I would also like to complete the list of 101 Things to do in Madrid Before You Die. We want to get to know the city where we live. We have lived here for a while and we feel like we have not seen ALL of what Madrid has to offer. Hopefully by completely the list (and documenting our adventures along the way) we will be able to enjoy Madrid a little bit more.

Last, but not least, with the new 40 minute commute to work, and in between getting healthy, cooking, working out etc. (aka LIFE), I have set a goal to at least read 20 books this year. Check out my Book Club list for more information of future reads and hopefully you can add your take of my 2013 reading list.

There it is. When I look at this list it gets me hyped for 2013. All the good-the bad-the ugly of 2012 has allowed to set up the path for my our (I have to remember that I have a husband now, and everything I do affects both of us) future. When I forget and wonder “what the HELL am I doing!??” I can look back here and see why and get revved up.


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