Lazy Sunday

Warning: If you have seen my 2013 goals tab and some of my other posts, you know I like breaking down my life in Good, Bad, Ugly, etc. sections. That’s just how I roll. So I plan on doing the same for this post just because it’s one of those days. After the week I have had, I can honestly say that I am glad it’s almost over and a new one begins tomorrow. Well technically if I were living back in the States the week woudl be over since weeks end on Saturday, but here in Spain we are just cool like that and the week ends on Sunday.

The Good

I can pretty much say that I am 100% sure that today was the best day of the whole week. We went up to the mountains and played in the snow with our oldest  nephews (aged 4, 3, and 2). I usually hate the snow because it comes with cold weather (I think I am allergic to the cold) and I was kind of skeptical about going, but in the end … I am so happy that I went. I rode a sled for the first time and I make a banging snowball. See my happy (devious) face and snowball making skills below:


Hopefully when my sister-in-law gets home tonight I can post more pictures of us and the kids and the snowman we built. All in all, we had a blast. =)

The Ugly

This all being said, I weighed myself today. Ughh … it hurts to even talk about it. Definitely changing my life after tonight (we are going to a German restaurant to watch the Atletico de Madrid game). As I was saying, I weighed myself today: 87 kilograms (aka 191 pounds). WHAT THE HELL? Where did this weight come from. DAMN!!

What The Future Brings

This fatness has to go … like IMMEDIATELY. I need to lose at least 20 kilos (45 pounds). This is going to be a challenge, but I know I can do this. Therefore, I have decided to take charge of my life. Putting crap into my mouth will happen NO MORE … This just can’t go on like it is. So starting tomorrow (as mentioned above) I am putting myself through a life changing phase. I have decided to take 2 drastic measures (not reallydrastic … the word just makes it just sounds more dramatic):

1) Zumba


Yep. This is going to be me starting tomorrow afternoon. Should be interesting.

2) Going Paleo

So after looking through different blogs and different websites (and also reading Dr.Cordain’s book) I have decided to change my eating ways. I am going Paleo. No more grains,  legumes, dairy products, potatoes, refined salt, refined sugar, and processed oils for me. Leaving that for someone else.

Tomorrow will be the first time in 2 years that I take my lunch to work. I went to the store today and bough my lunch box and spent the whole weekend cooking. Well, actually to tell you the truth, the crockpot spent all of yesterday on Low and today I finished of the meat by making cauliflower. I will post pictures of my food, and the recipe that I used tomorrow, as well as a brief description of what the Paleo diet actually is.

However, before I leave, I would like to leave you with this: This new change of ways is not just for right now, it’s for life. =)


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