Thirsty Thursday

So this week has been the week from hell.

Monday: The day started off with me being confined to my bed because of my hip problem, which the doctor said would go away in 48 hours with the treatment he gave me.

Tuesday: No hip problems but there was a riot in the metro and I got home 2 hours late (at 8:30pm). Next up: dinner and then bed. I hate days like that. No time for anything.

Wednesday: My phone decided to stop working/charging during the night. So the following happened:

  • My alarm didn´t go off — I should definitely think about buying a non-phone alarm, just in case
  • I got work an hour and 15 minutes late — Which my boss said was OK since I was a first time offender
  • Jose took my phone to the store (thank god for warranties) — They confirmed that it wasn´t the battery, but they would replace my phone in 20 days (20 days?!?!). I seriously don´t know what I am going to do without my phone (yes I have an addiction, I am a self proclaimed nomophobe)
  • The gave me THIS as a replacement — I had to re-learn how to use it. Who has these phones nowadays? My grandpa even has a touch screen phone.

Thursday: Thank god I told Jose to call me at 7AM this morning because my alarm wouldn´t have gone off today either. The oldie phone’s hour was set in military time, so it would have gone off at 7pm this afternoon, rather than 7am this morning. So far the day is going alright. My boss is in Portugal, and Jose gets off at 3pm. He has promised me that we would go out for Thirsty Thursday.

The way the week is going, I am scared to see what the remainder of the day brings and what tomorrow has in store for me. Thankfully this weekend I get to wake up next to Jose since he doesn´t have to work. We might even try to cross out some of the points in our Madrid 101 list … We will see.

That´s all for today. I hope everyone is having a wonderful week.


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